Skype Will Now Have Highlights: When Will It End?

Just when we all thought the ‘Will now have Stories’ memes were over, the most unsuspecting platform, Skype, recently announced it will have ‘Highlights’. No, this is not a joke. In fact, it’s like a bad summer thriller – Stories, They’re Everywhere. No really, they’re everywhere. Facebook, we’re looking at you. It all started last year when Instagram, a Facebook-owned company, copied Snapchat and introduced ‘Stories’ to its newsfeed. At first, everyone shook their heads at the blatant cloning of… continue reading

Beast Brief: The Latest Social Media Updates

In this week’s “Beast Brief”, multiple social media platforms have rolled out new updates that will have a big impact on business profiles and personal accounts. Highlights include: Bitmojis taking over Snapchat and Twitter message requests. With everything that’s been changing in the industry, Skype may have just snuck in a comeback (we couldn’t believe it either). Don’t fall behind on the trends, keep up with this week’s top news in social. 1. Skype’s Complete Makeover       To… continue reading

B2B Content Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Do you think your B2B company needs better social media? One of the most common complaints we get from potential B2B clients is that their content is too boring and corporate. There’s an assumption that B2B social is going to be dry and ineffective, but that doesn’t have to be the case! Think about it: customers in this space aren’t buying disposable or short-lived commodities–they are investing in products and services that will affect the outcome of their business. And… continue reading

Top 10 Social Media Conferences of Summer 2017

We’re here to round up this summer’s best and hottest social media conferences from Boston to San Diego. The speakers range from celebrities to tech industry leaders that know a thing or two about social media. They’re guaranteed to educate you on the latest trends in social and provide an opportunity for you to learn from their successes and failures. Join together with like-minded people who share your love of a good caption. Get ready to plan for a conference… continue reading

Social Media Metrics That Matter

Whether it’s posting selfies on Facebook or showing off your latest culinary creation on Instagram, everybody loves social media. Sure, it’s a heck of a lot of fun, but how do you take something like social media and turn it into effective marketing? You may be surprised to learn that there is a lot of data behind what works and what doesn’t when it comes to social media marketing. This is commonly referred to as social media metrics, or the… continue reading

When Is Instagram Stories Better Than Snapchat?

Unless you’ve been secluded from the internet the past eight months, you know that Instagram has cloned Snapchat with their very own Instagram Stories. It’s like they say, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” And now, ‘beat them’ is exactly what Instagram appears to be doing. In fact, since Stories release last year, Snapchat’s growth has slowed by 82 percent. While there’s no evidence Instagram Stories was the cause, there is high correlation between the popularity of Stories and… continue reading

Instagram Round Up: Our Favorite Accounts This Month

In the past year Instagram has steadily pushed its way to the top as one as one of social media’s most popular sites. Instagram has progressed past being a platform for teens to post their pouts and instead evolved into an editorial outlet for brands to boast their image. There are so many brands with diverse personalities making Instagram work for them that here at Social Media Beast, we were inspired to compile a list of our favorites from an… continue reading

Increasing Your Online Conversions with Dynamic Content

The online marketplace is very cluttered. If an advertiser wants to get through to a consumer, that message must make a connection. Today’s buyers are looking for that kind of personalized sales experience, and anything less won’t cut it. One way to do that is through dynamic content. What is Dynamic Content? Also referred to as “adaptive” or “smart” content, dynamic content is simply any creative that changes automatically based on information about the user, whether this is related to… continue reading

The Power of Testimonials on Social Media

In today’s media landscape, we are constantly being advertised to, and this naturally leads to a healthy skepticism among consumers. You may be an excellent advertiser, a master of marketing lingo, stellar at contacting your core demographic and pushing boundaries with your social campaigns, but without the power of testimonials, your brand will be lost in the noise. Why? Because people trust each other more than they trust your brand. Customer testimonials are unique in that they aren’t self-promotional. They’re… continue reading

Clips: What You Need to Know about Apple’s Latest Video Editing App

Last month Apple debuted Clips, a new video-making app exclusive to iOS.  Described by TechCrunch as “a dead simple solution for those who don’t have the time, skill set or desire to fiddle with Final Cut or even iMovie,” Clips provides iPhone users with a stand alone app to make video edtis for quick, clean, and creative video-making. [Image Credit: Apple] Clips definitely shares a likeness to social media moguls Instagram and Snapchat by allowing users to cut together images… continue reading


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