B2B Content Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Do you think your B2B company needs better social media? One of the most common complaints we get from potential B2B clients is that their content is too boring and corporate. There’s an assumption that B2B social is going to be dry and ineffective, but that doesn’t have to be the case!

Think about it: customers in this space aren’t buying disposable or short-lived commodities–they are investing in products and services that will affect the outcome of their business. And it’s our job as B2B marketers to tell a brand story that conveys a deep level of trust. Forget B2B and C2C, we’re in the Human-to-Human (H2H) business where emotions are our MVPs.

Content marketing and technology advancements have opened the floodgates for B2B marketers, offering even more ways to creatively tell a trust story that’s personalized for each audience member. Don’t believe me? I’ve pulled the receipts and have examples that show just how exciting B2B can be. 


General Electric

A $140 global conglomerate corporation used video to convey its company’s DNA and broaden the perception of its brand by showing what an employee does through a “Childlike Imagination”. It connects the brand on the emotional level to win trust and, ultimately, to win business. Eighty-five percent of content marketers report positive ROI when using video, and GE took that to heart. 


Social Media Beast

Now, I’ve gotta shout out to some of our own work. As a digital agency that specializes in social media, we’ve capitalized on social channels to distribute personalized content for B2B clients.

Tip: Humans are experiencing more amazon-like experiences in their personal life and will expect the same experience in their professional life.

That’s why we craft content for business owners how and when they need it. It’s not just about sales though, it’s about helping them with things like business acumen, customer service, and thought leadership. See how our clients benefit from specialized content:



Now, these guys understand the power of 1:1 connection in B2B. They are implementing a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) Site Optimization technology to personalize B2B brand experiences on the web and eventually through ads and email. This is why Account-Based-Marketing (ABM) is continuing to evolve in this space. 

JENNIFER RENAUD, CMO Oracle Marketing Cloud says:

”…this AI technology allows B2B marketers to zero in even more precisely and personalize their website to an individual—even if that person is a first-time visitor.”

To understand AI just think: robots. To understand ABM just think: laser targeting your audience. Nothing boring about that! 


As you can see by only three small examples, B2B is far from boring. As content marketing continues to gain traction in this space and deliver ROI for companies, social media platforms are more effective in delivering an emotional, effective brand experience. 

Advanced technology such as Artificial Intelligence in Account-Based Marketing lets businesses laser focus their targeting so content is precise for each business prospect who are seeking a partner they can trust to better their business. The more personalized and emotional the brand story, the better. Yes, the robots help.  

For more insights about content marketing, social media and client relationships, contact Social Media Beast to get started. 



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