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Increasing Your Online Conversions with Dynamic Content

The online marketplace is very cluttered. If an advertiser wants to get through to a consumer, that message must make a connection. Today’s buyers are looking for that kind of personalized sales experience, and anything less won’t cut it. One way to do that is through dynamic content. What is Dynamic Content? Also referred to as “adaptive” or “smart” content, dynamic content is simply any creative that changes automatically based on information about the user, whether this is related to… continue reading

Ring In The New Year: Keep The Momentum Going After The Holiday Season

Businesses usually hit a slump after the holidays – slowed conversion rates and returned items to name a few. Whether you’re outsourcing your social content services or doing it yourself, follow these tips to ride the peak well after holiday season into 2017.  Free Shipping + Post-Holiday Specials Free shipping is a powerful marketing tool during and outside of the holiday season. In the Walker Sands Future of Retail 2016 study, nine out of 10 participants listed free shipping as their top… continue reading

Holiday Tips: How to Leverage PPC Marketing

As we enter the final stretch of the holiday season, it’s important to note that the holidays can be one of the most profitable periods of the year for brands everywhere. A study by Oracle in 2015 showed that 76% of consumers used the internet for holiday shopping. Prepare for the holidays with these four holiday tips for pay per click (PPC) strategies: Bid on seasonal keywords Start thinking about your budget for the holidays as early as September –… continue reading

Google Algorithm Change: Penguin Is Now Real Time Resulting in Faster Google Penguin Recovery

Updates related to operating systems (OS), iOS apps and android apps are very common. Consumers expect it, anticipate it and often demand it. This is great, because in a world where needs and wants are constantly evolving, the ability to improve and make changes on the fly are essential. Since more products are living online or connected to the internet, updates are required. There is one company whose updates can put businesses on edge and greatly impact websites. Google algorithm… continue reading

How to Optimize Google AdWords in B2B Campaigns: Online Conversion Strategies

B2B campaigns can pose a problem to marketers, particularly in Google AdWords. Unlike B2C campaigns where you can see an immediate return on investment on a single sale, the lifetime value (LTV) for B2B companies often ranges from $20,000 to over $200,000+ and often isn’t directly measurable. Part of the disconnect can be attributed to the niche markets often associated with B2B campaigns – and it’s up to marketers to figure out which search terms to target in order to… continue reading

Get the Sale Bells Ringing Early: How to Start your Holiday Campaign Now

It’s easy for the holiday season to sneak up on you as the year comes to a close, but if you let that happen then you are giving up ample time to be spreading awareness of your holiday campaign on social media. The holiday season starts earlier and earlier each year and it’s important to get a jump start on your holiday social media campaign. The start of December is far too late to gain any noteworthy traction. The earlier you… continue reading

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Working Down the Marketing Funnel with Facebook Advertising

There was a time when Facebook was considered by some as a passing fad and perceived as something businesses could never really benefit from. Over time, the skeptics were proven wrong. Today, Facebook is not only the world’s biggest social network, with 1.5 billion users, but it’s also one the biggest drivers of social referral traffic and it provides the largest digital advertising opportunity since search. It’s the one social network that ALL marketers simply cannot ignore.  The dilemma is… continue reading

Your Facebook Ad A/B Testing Isn’t Working. Now What?

Facebook Ad Testing, Revisited Briefly, A/B testing is the technique of running similar ads side-by-side in order to test individual variables like targeting and creative. Any advertisers who are delivering consistently outstanding results do this kind of testing constantly. It’s the backbone of any competent digital advertising program. A lot of A/B testing effort is concentrated on Google Adwords and on Facebook advertising. These are the two platforms that provide advertisers the most flexibility and sophistication. Of the two, I’ve… continue reading

Why Traditional Forms of Advertising Will Fail at Connecting with Future Generations

Social media and digital marketing has always been associated with the fast pace of evolving technology. Social and digital media have disarmed traditional advertising tactics less effective than before- with only 3% of millennials consuming traditional media.  A Honey & Sparks study, recently found that more than 25% of millennials left Facebook in 2014 – why? Because they were sick of awareness ads. If social media is about experimentation and reaching consumers in ways more personal than ever before, why… continue reading

Increasing Your Social Following Without Advertising

One reason Facebook remains so popular with brands is that you can rather efficiently increase your business’s following using advertising. With the help of professional looking ads and effective targeting, you can offer value to a targeted group of potential followers who will engage with your content. That’s not the only way to add followers by far, but it’s helpful – particularly for new brands that are just starting out. This is much more difficult on other social platforms.  Twitter… continue reading


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