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Skype Will Now Have Highlights: When Will It End?

Just when we all thought the ‘Will now have Stories’ memes were over, the most unsuspecting platform, Skype, recently announced it will have ‘Highlights’. No, this is not a joke. In fact, it’s like a bad summer thriller – Stories, They’re Everywhere. No really, they’re everywhere. Facebook, we’re looking at you. It all started last year when Instagram, a Facebook-owned company, copied Snapchat and introduced ‘Stories’ to its newsfeed. At first, everyone shook their heads at the blatant cloning of… continue reading

Social Media in 2017: Top Trends to Prepare For

2016 was certainly a year for social media trends, good and bad. As we look ahead to 2017, we’ve selected some of the top social media  trends to watch in the new year. Continued Rise of Posting Content in Real Time In 2016 we saw Facebook, Snapchat (or “Snap,” the new name of the company) and Instagram go head to head, debuting and improving features that allow users to experience and engage with content in real time. In 2016 we… continue reading

Getting Foot Traffic From Facebook Ads (And Tracking It Too)

How Can Facebook Ads Bring More People To My Store? Facebook advertising is exceedingly useful for raising awareness and engagement, for generating leads and eCommerce activity…really for bolstering just about any online business goal. However, translating Facebook Ad campaigns to trackable brick-and-mortar foot traffic has always been a little tricky. For one thing, online conversion success requires quick follow-up action; I see an ad, I’m interested, I browse a product, I place it in my shopping cart. Brick-and-mortar success required a successful… continue reading

Meet, HeyOrca: A Content Creator’s New Best Friend

At Social Media Beast, the need to optimize our content creation process and allot strategists the necessary time to devote towards successful campaigns is always top of mind. And with a variety of platforms readily available, it can be difficult to land upon a method that remains conscious of budget, workflow and the creative thought process. It became vital for us to narrow in on a tool that would allow strategists to create, review, schedule and share content with clients seamlessly,… continue reading

Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Lure Pokémon, Lure Customers

It’s 1995 and Nintendo has unleashed a new group of digitized creatures unto the video game realm. Some colorful, some bearing lovable smiles, some downright ominous – all Pokémon. From gaming consoles, Pokémon evolve to later take on television, movies, books, and more. And now, 21-years later in the era of explosive technological advancement and smartphones, Niantic has released Pokémon Go, an augmented reality game/mobile app, which lets us all live out our dreams to finally catch ‘em all. Niantic, along with the help of… continue reading

Pay to Play: The New Features of Instagram Advertising

Have you been keeping up with Instagram’s latest updates? 2016 has been a busy year for the popular mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking app. Just last week, Instagram overhauled its logo design from the retro-looking camera icon that has held sway on home screens for years, into a new icon vector rendered in a swirl of sunset colors and flat design aesthetic (the Internet was less than enthused about the new look – lots of memes deployed). In March,… continue reading

Oh Oh It’s Magic: Facebook Instant Articles Now Available for Your Business

Faster Reading, Easier Sharing Coming up on April 12th, Facebook will release its Instant Article functionality to the wide world. This means that anyone who creates content can post that content directly to Facebook, rather than (or along with) publishing it to their own website. Instant Articles have been months in the making, and the launch of this functionality will be the major announcement of their annual F8 Developer Conference next month. It marks a major shift, encouraging social media… continue reading

Hootsuite Announces Ability to [Kinda] Schedule for Instagram

The Hootsuite gods have answered our hoots…but not without ruffling a few feathers. Instagram integration is now a reality with their software – but there’s a catch. You can’t actually publish an Instagram photo through Hootsuite’s software, because Instagram’s developers said “over our dead filters”. What you can do is: schedule the Instagram photos, safely share a brand account with multiple users, monitor interactions, and create assignments for team members. For a social media agency like us, this helps with pre-planning… continue reading

Testing the Waters: Using Periscope for Brand Marketing

You’ve already heard of the light year. Well, there’s a new content metric making the rounds: the content year. This is the amount of content you would see if you watched it continuously for 365 days. Here’s an example: the new content streaming app Periscope streams 10 years of content every day, and 380 years of content since they launched a few months ago. Social Media Beast recently took Periscope out for a spin on behalf of our client Navy… continue reading

The Facebook and Twitter Buy Button in 2015

The Facebook and Twitter Buy Button in 2015

Over the summer, news broke that both Facebook and Twitter were continuing to experiment with e-commerce through a Buy button within posts and tweets.  Both are currently being tested with a small number of clients, yet advertisers and marketers are eagerly awaiting its arrival.  Rather than rushing the roll out, Facebook and Twitter are making the smart move by trying to perfect (as best they can) the offering for advertisers and customers alike.  Refining, testing, and improving the service will be particularly important… continue reading


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