Clips: What You Need to Know about Apple’s Latest Video Editing App

Last month Apple debuted Clips, a new video-making app exclusive to iOS.  Described by TechCrunch as “a dead simple solution for those who don’t have the time, skill set or desire to fiddle with Final Cut or even iMovie,” Clips provides iPhone users with a stand alone app to make video edtis for quick, clean, and creative video-making.

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Clips definitely shares a likeness to social media moguls Instagram and Snapchat by allowing users to cut together images and videos with filters, emojis, and music. However, unlike its social counterparts, Clips is not a social media network. Users are free to share their masterpieces as they please on any platform that handles the MPEG format, whether it’s in a message, a video site, or social network.

Even though Clips is definitely geared towards the tech-savvy millennial generation, Apple hasn’t strayed from their sleek and easy to use interface. As Apple’s first exclusively mobile app to make video edits, the company seized the opportunity to diverge from the expectations put in place by their earlier software and only include the features they found essential.

Clips’ most unique feature is the ability to create captions using voice to tech technology. Live Titles allows users to narrate their clips, so long as they enunciate and speak loudly enough for the app to understand.

[Image Credit: Apple]

In our Social Media in 2017: Top Trends to Prepare For blog, we discussed the continued rise of dark social. Between the app’s portrait orientation, messaging, and Live Titles narration features, Apple has certainly created Clips with the dark social or private messaging trend in mind. Clips’ ability to link with Apple’s Messages app allows users to quickly connect with their most messaged contacts. The apps also offers suggested contacts from video context, such as mentioned names and facial recognition.

In an age where copyright infringement is a serious concern, Clips has done a great job of offering a variety of less than cookie cutter royalty-free music collections you can incorporate into your video. Unfortunately, it might be a little tricky to apply a soundtrack to your film at first. One thing Clips has yet to master is allowing users to trim and edit music to specific clips. We suggest being thoughtful when utilizing this feature.
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