Instagram Round Up: Our Favorite Accounts This Month

In the past year Instagram has steadily pushed its way to the top as one as one of social media’s most popular sites. Instagram has progressed past being a platform for teens to post their pouts and instead evolved into an editorial outlet for brands to boast their image. There are so many brands with diverse personalities making Instagram work for them that here at Social Media Beast, we were inspired to compile a list of our favorites from an assortment of different industries. Here are some of our Instagram accounts to know:


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Besides showcasing beautiful and available Airbnb spaces on Instagram, we love the personal touch the budget travel brand has sprinkled into their posts.
By adapting content shared by guests as well as postings from Airbnb’s website, the company shapes an inviting narrative that encourages potential guests get to know new people and things in new places. Airbnb also utilizes geotagging in order to inform viewers and for the post to reach its full potential.


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In the past few years, Denny’s has crafted a unique social media presence appealing directly to those who have a quirky sense of humor and a passion for breakfast food. By taking a chance on content that’s bizarre more often than not, the brand has seen success on virtually all platforms, including Tumblr (a not-so-easy feat).


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Pabst Blue Ribbon is a dive bar staple and what the beer and culture surrounding the brand seem to lack in sophistication, the brewery makes up for with a well-curated Instagram. Pabst deploys a variety of marketing tactics, from promoting their sponsored music festival to sharing #tbt posts and reposting images from fans.


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Macy’s has advanced beyond their famous, well-styled store window displays to advertising through a quality, curated collection of photos that sell users on the idea that they can live lavishly by shopping at Macy’s.


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Adobe knows the best testimony for their products: the images created using them. The software mogul selects a theme each month and encourages creatives to submit their work that follows the theme for a chance to be shared on the Adobe Instagram. This account is a very successful demonstration of deploying user generated content to inspire and to buy.


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WeWork is an international company that provides coworking office spaces, so it’s natural for them to share gorgeous photos of their spaces around the world and geotagged, much like Airbnb. WeWork also employs hashtags to promote their company culture, from #WWCamp to #DogsofWeWork, depicting their laidback, pet friendly atmosphere.


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The Major League Baseball’s Instagram is the best place to find high quality portraits of your favorite baseball players containing short and sassy captions. These images of teams both on and off the field are lighthearted, drawing users by reminding them that athletes are regular people too.


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Everyone’s favorite grocery store and more Target makes our list by successfully carrying the signature style of their eye-popping tv commercials over to Instagram. The brand seizes the opportunity to increase sales and further current trends  by photographing items from different departments across the store that share the same theme.


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The environmentally-conscious outerwear company Patagonia utilizes a variety of user-generated content captured in nature in order to promote their products and company values. Besides the breathtaking photos and videos they share, Patagonia takes advantage of crediting their content creators Instagram accounts with tags as well as geotagging posts when possible.

Hosting the occasional Instagram contest, like they did last month, is a great way to reach a new audience and engage potential and existing followers alike.


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We’re giving kudos to Old Navy this month for using bunnies better than Cadbury to promote springtime merchandise around Easter. There is a fine line between cute and tacky when it comes to animals in advertising campaigns that aren’t promoting pet care products and Old Navy nailed the cute factor by only using bunnies in a few posts.


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We have included health and supplement chain GNC for their wholesome use of video to encourage and assist their audience in bettering themselves with recipe ideas and inspirational footage. By intermixing content from successful athletes as well as recommendations on how to use coconut oil, GNC caters to the sporty as well as those just hopping on the health train.


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The Chicago Symphony Orchestra really struck a chord in 2016 through their thoughtful content marketing campaign that shared 125 unique events in CSO history in celebration of the organization’s 125th anniversary. While the CSO’s cover of “Chelsea Dagger” in honor of the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup win is a recent classic, followers were able to discover Chicago’s premiere symphony orchestra more in depth than before.


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We fell head over heels for Hallmark’s cute cake tutorials and party décor this past Valentine’s Day. By providing everyday and holiday inspiration, Hallmark has made buying cards and coming up with craft ideas easier than ever, and that wins our hearts.


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Just hearing the name play-doh brings back a nostalgia for childhood creativity. The signature toy of many people’s childhood has an Instagram full of intriguing user-generated content. Spy paisley prints, seascapes and more fun figures in their feed.


[image via instagram]

The TSA’s Instagram is hands down our favorite government agency social media feed. Why wonder what it’s like to work airport security when you can see it? Between answering traveler’s questions about what will pass inspection to sharing ridiculous items that did not, the TSA instagram is always good for a laugh or a “WTF” moment.




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