Make the Most of Email Marketing: 5 Benefits of Email Automation

Everyone knows all about email marketing or do they? It seems like a pretty simple concept you build your list, craft the perfect email and send it to everyone on the list. Once you do this you sit back and wait for the money to start rolling in. How hard could it be, right? Actually, what I just described is more email blasting, which may or may not reap the results you desire. This is one tactic among many others…. continue reading

Small Business Marketing Ideas to End the Quarter Strong

  Well, you blinked, and just like that Q1 is coming to a close. Time to prepare those quarterly reports to send to management. But wait! Before you open up that wrap up report, you still have a few more days in the month and plenty of time to get in those extra leads and conversions. That’s right you can still implement some creative marketing ideas for your small business. Start with a quarterly assessment. Mark it on your calendar… continue reading

Take a Spin On Instagram’s New Carousel

Last month the new Instagram update was unveiled, a new carousel post feature, allowing users to add up to ten photos and videos to a single post. This move comes almost two years after Instagram first released the photo carousel for advertising. Users will now find an option to select up to ten photos and videos when they go to create a new post on Instagram. The carousel also gives users the ability to tag other accounts in each image,… continue reading

Social Media Updates: Facebook Trending

If something is trending on Facebook what does that mean exactly? And more importantly, how does Facebook curate its trending topics? Trending helps users discover interesting and newsworthy topics that are being the most discussed throughout Facebook, but might not be directly shared by your network in your News Feed. Listed on the right side of the computer screen on your News Feed, the trending topic section lists a couple of topics that have recently become very popular on Facebook…. continue reading

No Luck Needed: Successful St. Patrick’s Day Social Campaigns

St. Patrick’s Day is everyone’s favorite drinking holiday here in The Windy City, and we here at Social Media Beast intend to celebrate! Whether it’s attending the Chicago River Dye and Parade, or maybe just relaxing with some friends at our favorite Irish pub, there are a million ways to have fun around town. Being social media marketers, however, also means that we have a job to do: successfully promote brand’s products and services using St. Paddy’s Day as leverage…. continue reading

A How To Guide for Planning Your Social Media Goals

With 78% of Americans owning a social media profile, it’s now essential for businesses to incorporate social media as part of their marketing strategy. When used effectively, social media marketing can grow your business by increasing brand awareness, engaging with potential customers, and increasing sales. Your company needs to establish highly targeted and specific goals to leverage social media marketing. Follow this guide to learn how to plan your social media goals:   1. Use SMART Goals to Determine Objectives… continue reading

Social Media Beast Spotlight: Meet Drew, Self-Proclaimed ‘Normal’ Person in The Office

Name: Andrew Dove Nickname: Drew Hometown: San Antonio, TX College: DePaul University   What is your official position at Social Media Beast and what is a “typical” day like? I’m a Graphic Designer. A typical day includes getting assignments from the marketing team and the content team, developing concepts, and going back and forth basically until a client approves the images I’ve created. Or whoever is supposed to approve them – Scott, Sabrina, etc. Hey, I approve images sometimes, too!… continue reading

Are you properly using Social Geo-Targeting?

In the world of social media marketing, geo-targeting is a big thing and for good reason. The best marketers have realized this and are actively pursuing their target more directly. For example unless you have a good reason, if you send ads to everyone on every social media platform, all you will have to show for it is an empty budget and minimal conversions. Sure your ads will have been seen by tons of people and you may have acquired… continue reading

Share the Love: Valentine’s Day GIFs

Love is undoubtedly in the air, as evidenced by the overpriced flowers and ransacked chocolate aisle at every corner store. However, it wouldn’t be the sweetest day of all without a cliché card for your special someone. But as a social media agency, we’d be remiss if we didn’t put a social, shareable spin on it. If social media is your thing too, we’ve got just the GIFs to show the love of your life how you feel. From utterly cute to slightly… continue reading

Your 2017 Social Media Checklist [For Business]

Can you believe it’s been over 10 years since social media first gained popularity? We can’t either. Gone are the days where people used Facebook exclusively to keep in touch with family and friends. Today, social media is an essential tool for users to not only to check in with acquaintances but businesses as well. As digital marketing becomes more competitive than ever in 2017, it’s important to curate a successful social media presence. Whether you’re a newbie or a… continue reading


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