Time to Understand ROI in Social Media Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, one of the most difficult things for business owners and marketers is to measure the ROI in their social media efforts. By now, brands and businesses realize social media is not optional – but critical – to tracking different interactions with potential customers and loyal fans. However, while you know social media is pertinent to the marketing mix, if you feel like you’re throwing money into a black hole – you’re not alone. Start by… continue reading

What Happened To The Facebook Beacons?

It feels like only yesterday that Facebook launched its bluetooth beacon (Facebook beacon) feature, and it also feels like only yesterday that we all completely forgot about it. This exciting new feature was highly promoted in the social media marketing world only a year ago, but its hype has died down. Why? There’s a good chance that unless you work for a social media marketing agency, you’ve never even heard of it. The idea was that physical bluetooth beacons would… continue reading

Social Media Marketing: Discuss the Championship Game Without Getting a Cease and Desist

As January comes to a close, we rapidly approach one of the most watched and anticipated televised events of the year. It’s a big football game that is known for flashy halftime shows, incredible commercials and, this year, pits the Atlanta Falcons against the New England Patriots. Yes, we’re talking about the Super Bowl! However, while we can write “Super Bowl” as much as we like in this blog post, social media marketers sadly do not have the same luxury…. continue reading

Developing a Twitter Social Media Strategy: Snark Over Civility

Wendy’s took to one of the top social media sites earlier this year when a Twitter user criticized their hamburger motto “Our beef is way too cool to ever be frozen.” Wendy’s was initially civil when dealing with the criticism, but snarkiness won out when the user wouldn’t back down. Their response can give us a few tips on developing social media strategy to handle trolls. Screengrab via @ParkerMolly/Twitter This tongue-and-cheek exchange is a reflection of a larger series of… continue reading

Beast Client Spotlight: Carnivale

If you’re a fan of my staff spotlights, which cover everything from Gossip Girl obsessions to former male model statuses, then you’re in for a real treat as we start a new series featuring our clients! To start off, I sat down with the marketing director from Carnivale, a colorful Latin restaurant known for its flavorful dishes and cocktails. Client relations are a proud staple of this agency, and we’re so glad that Angie Lage agreed to be the first client feature because we… continue reading

Fake Facebook News: Is it real? Should I Care?

On the heels of his inauguration, president Donald Trump announced that special legislation is being introduced to allow presidents to stay in office an extra term. I also saw that Facebook will be giving away $1,000,000 to users that share the photo below. What if I told you that a simple Facebook post related to the previous two statements could go viral and seemingly become real. The old joke “it’s true, I saw it on Facebook” is quickly becoming a… continue reading

What We Can Learn from Museums: Ideas to Drive Your Target Audience in the Door

When we first think of museums, we can’t help but think of those elementary school field trips to the Shedd Aquarium and the Field Museum. A refreshing alternative to the traditional classroom setting, these trips were always interactive and educational. For us, the learning doesn’t stop when schooling ends, and the Beasts are always looking for new ways to engage an audience – so we decided to take a look at a group that’s doing it right: museums. We’re not… continue reading

5 Social Media Habits to Kick in 2017

Happy 2017, everybody! Now is our chance to start again and draw up a list of resolutions. Let’s face it, we all have bad habits we need to kick, and we here at Social Media Beast want to give you an honorary pat on the back for trying to better yourself. While you’re pursuing your 2017 goals, why not consider improving your brand’s social media presence or social media checklist as well? With these five tips, we guarantee you’ll be… continue reading

Ring In The New Year: Keep The Momentum Going After The Holiday Season

Businesses usually hit a slump after the holidays – slowed conversion rates and returned items to name a few. Whether you’re outsourcing your social content services or doing it yourself, follow these tips to ride the peak well after holiday season into 2017.  Free Shipping + Post-Holiday Specials Free shipping is a powerful marketing tool during and outside of the holiday season. In the Walker Sands Future of Retail 2016 study, nine out of 10 participants listed free shipping as their top… continue reading

Slaying Instagram: 4 Ways Beauty Influencers Find Success

Highlighter wasn’t the only thing shining bright this past year. As of 2016, the cosmetic industry’s annual revenue has risen to an all-time high of 62.46 billion dollars, due in large part to social media and online video. From teaching us how to chisel our faces to perfection, to giving ‘baking’ a whole new meaning, beauty has taken social by storm thanks to its beauty influencers. With over 600 million monthly users worldwide and a brand engagement rate 10 times… continue reading


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