Small Business Marketing Ideas to End the Quarter Strong


Well, you blinked, and just like that Q1 is coming to a close. Time to prepare those quarterly reports to send to management. But wait! Before you open up that wrap up report, you still have a few more days in the month and plenty of time to get in those extra leads and conversions. That’s right you can still implement some creative marketing ideas for your small business.

Start with a quarterly assessment. Mark it on your calendar but don’t wait until the quarter ends. Those two to three weeks before the end of the quarter can be a great point to sit down, take a look at your results, and make those last-minute tweaks in strategy that can yield major results!

To begin you, should ask yourself a few questions. Did you achieve your Q1 marketing goals? How has been the response to your Q1 marketing initiatives, both externally and internally? Do you have a little money left in the Q1 kitty?

As marketers, we are constantly asking ourselves these questions but we often don’t have time to sit down and answer them. If you’re part of a larger team, chances are you have a little more time, but if you’re a one-man(woman)-marketing-machine, you probably commit more time to the day-to-day executions than the strategy itself.

Here are a few places to start (or continue) marketing :

Email Marketing

Email marketing has always proven to be a solid tactic in the marketer’s wheelhouse. For every $1 spent in email marketing, companies generally see a $38 return. Your list is your most valuable piece of data and you should be using it to your full advantage. If you have an offer, send out an email reminder. If you just sent out an email campaign, send another to those who did not open your initial email. Adjust your subject line for urgency. Instead of “Spring Savings Inside” say “Act Now for Spring Savings.” Small changes can account for huge results.

Pro-tip: Make sure you’re personalizing your emails. Personalization increases click through rates by 14% and conversions by 10%.

Social Media Marketing

The end of the quarter is a great time to look at your social media performance and adjust as necessary. What posts are engaging the most users? How many organic impressions are you getting versus paid. Are retweets getting more attention than your own content? These are important questions to ask and all help when optimizing your content and deciding on how to spend the paid portion of your social media budget.

Also, run a social media audit. Is your Facebook pixel firing? How are your conversions doing? Are you tracking these? What are people saying about you online? Social media listening is a crucial piece of understanding your business. If you just ran a huge Q1 campaign, this is great opportunity to listen to what your customers are saying. Take what they liked about your campaign and build upon that in you next campaign. Learn from what they didn’t enjoy as much and understand what the obstacles were from enjoyment. Sometimes you can make these changes right away but this is not always the case. The great thing is with this information you can better generate creative marketing ideas for your consumers.


It’s no secret that “near me” searches have increased dramatically within the last year. Are you properly allocating your spend to ensure you are capturing your piece of the near-me-pie? Make sure you are optimizing your use of geolocation and mobile marketing campaigns.

Retargeting is another crucial piece of PPC strategy and likely the most revenue generating. Do you have a little extra spend laying around from an underperforming initiative that you scrapped earlier in the quarter? Pump some of that into retargeting and see your revenue figures grow.

Review Results with Your Team

Share the results of your Q1 marketing initiatives with your team. Digital marketing shouldn’t work in a silo, nor should you. If you don’t have a marketing department to share these with, set up a meeting with leaders of your operations team. These people are often great at marketing because they deal with your client base the most often. They understand their needs and can help provide feedback on ways to enhance your strategy for optimal results.

Tweak Next Quarter’s Strategy

Now that you’ve taken a deep dive into the performance of your campaigns, it’s time to look at what your planning for next quarter. Make tweaks based on these results. Hopefully, you’ll have gained valuable insights that will make the following quarter even more successful.

Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

You’ve worked hard. All of those promotions, email campaigns, leads, etc. don’t fall out of thin air. It takes time, planning and continual iteration of your strategy to meet your marketing objectives. Make sure to give yourself a pat on the back for all of the effort you’ve put in in the last quarter. Once you’ve done that, grab a refill on your coffee, because it’s time to jump straight into Q2.

If you need help generating some creative marketing ideas for your small business, reach out to a social media management agency like us.

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