Lead Generation

Social Media Beast helps drive sales leads through engaging content, promotions, and multi-platform advertising (search, social, display, mobile, etc.). We use sophisticated targeting and retargeting methods to show your brand to interested visitors – people like current followers, recent visitors to your website, or even audiences modeled on your current email database.

Building Audience of Brand Evangelists

Does your brand thrive on engagement and excitement? Then you need a professional creative team on your side that specializes in creative social campaigns. Social Media Beast content strategists write as you would write, with your brand’s specific voice and tone. They know how to earn comments, likes and shares at a rate that beats all the industry averages.

For example, we helped the Medieval Times castle in Schaumburg earn a 7% engagement rate on its social campaigns, at a time when similar brands were earning 1-2%.


Selling a product or service online is usually not a simple as running a few ads. Most times, successful selling takes multiple points of connection with your brand. Has your website visitor ever heard of your brand before? Were they searching for you, or catch you in their social feed? Are they already follower or subscriber?

Social Media Beast helps its eCommerce clients set up effective sales funnels with multiple channels of ad targeting and retargeting. One case was so successful, it saved a major jewelry retailer from declaring bankruptcy.

Public Personality Marketing

How do you create product success when you are the product? Social Media Beast helps public personalities acquire loyal followings and promote their eBooks and other products. These can range from fitness personalities to candidates for public office.

Recently, we helped local Chicago gardening personality William Moss (“The Garden Boss”) grow from 600 fans to just over 10,000. This was a major milestone for their business, and their following hasn’t stopped growing since.

Brand Launch

Many of our clients have partnered with Social Media Beast to help build their brands from the very beginning. We’ve launched a variety of business types, from online retailers to clinic groups and even shave clubs.

When you work with us to launch your new brand, we will help you create a strategy that builds your core audience and drives awareness. We will create engaging social campaigns, conversations and promotions that builds a relevant, interested following. These will be your future brand ambassadors and most loyal customers down the road.

SEO and Reputation Management

If you show up in someone’s Google result, are you in control of what they would see? Are you ranking near the top of all the appropriate keywords? Are you seeing favorable business reviews?

We employ special tools to select appropriate keywords to target. Then we help raise your rankings on those keywords with a combination of on-site optimization, blogging, and link building using social media. We can also help you affect your online ratings through testimonial encouragement and resolving customer issues through outreach.

Influencer Outreach

Are you part of your industry’s larger social media conversation? Many brands rest on their basic social presence without being proactive about the larger industry conversation. These conversations could be happening on Twitter Chats, Facebook Groups, or amongst influential bloggers talking privately amongst themselves.

Social Media Beast professionals will help you build a presence with people in the best position to help publicize your business. We make sure that you’re represented in all the right conversations.

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