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eCommerce Revenue Generation for a National Jewelry Retailer
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The Challenge

Lia sophia is a multi-tier jewelry retailer through an independent sales force. After 28 years in operation, they announced in December of 2014 that they would be going out of business. They partnered with Social Media Beast to help liquidate their remaining inventory using social media advertising.

This initiative faced a number of obstacles: lia sophia had never run an eCommerce platform before, and this created several operational and IT-related hurdles. Also, lia sophia faced market-related troubles from angry consumers and former sales reps who were about to lose their livelihoods.

Our Approach

Social Media Beast used a three-part strategy:

  1. Flood social media platforms with ads and content driving traffic to the eCommerce site
  2. Retarget this web traffic on various display networks to encourage further conversion
  3. Conduct social monitoring on all platforms for reputation management

One significant asset helping the situation was the lia sophia brand itself. In general, eCommerce campaigns tend to show better results if the audience is already familiar with the brand. This was no exception, and the campaign showed immediate results.

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The Results

Social Media Beast’s campaign not only sold the remaining stock of lia sophia jewelry, but sold it more profitably than anyone anticipated.

The retargeting campaign alone generated $573,000 in attributed revenue in the first month. The entire 4-month campaign generated over $2 million in directly attributed revenue.

The campaign became so successful that lia sophia reversed its decision to go out of business, and instead continues forward as an eCommerce retailer.

The SMB team worked around the clock to bring in the sales, despite obstacles in reputation management and warehouse distribution. I saw a return on social that was easily measurable and clearly resulting from their content and marketing efforts. If you’re ready to take social seriously, hire the Beasts.

- Ann Wooten

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