Medieval Times

Community Engagement and Creative Social Campaigns for a Dinner Theater Destination
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The Challenge

Medieval Times is a family dinner theater featuring recreations of sword fighting and jousting on horseback.

The castle in Schaumburg, IL, responding to a corporate initiative to grow its social fan base, approached Social Media Beast. The castles have a competitive relationship with one another, and other castles already had large follower leads. The challenge was to attract targeted, engaged followers who were likely to buy tickets.

Our Approach

  1. Grow the following quickly through an effective balance of social fan engagement, creative content, and targeted ads.
  2. Develop out-of-the-box concepts for creative campaigns

The campaigns that came from this relationship were some of the most highly engaged in the history of the agency. Examples include the “Knight Life” campaign, depicting fully-garbed knights in candid shots around the community (e.g. in the aisles of IKEA), and the “Medieval Madness” campaign where fans created March Madness brackets of their favorite knights.

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The Results

Social Media Beast’s campaign grew the Schaumburg castle’s fan base by 60,000 followers in under two years. We received an average engagement rate of 7% on Facebook, at a time when average engagement rates across industries was 1-2%.

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