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Awareness, Branding, and Social Engagement For a Regional Landmark
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The Challenge

Navy Pier is a major Chicago landmark and destination, featuring restaurants, shopping, boat cruises, and several theaters.

To honor Navy Pier’s Centennial in 2016, the Pier’s marketing team is executing a new vision for the attraction, promoting its image as a city gem where locals and tourists alike would want to spend their entire day.

Navy Pier partners with Social Media Beast to create imaginative social campaigns in order to:

  1. Grow and engage their social community, and
  2. Help promote their Centennial Vision to their wider world

Our Approach

Through a variety of brainstorming sessions, and by working in close concert with the Pier’s marketing team, Social Media Beast created several successful campaigns for Navy Pier to help promote their Centennial Vision.

  1. #Ferrwell – a campaign to help the community say goodbye to the Pier’s iconic ferris wheel
  2. Blackhawks Championship – using Photoshop art to decorate the Pier and celebrate the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup win
  3. Venetian Night – Promoting the Pier’s lighted boat parade event
  4. Fireworks at the Pier – Sharing amazing photography of one of Navy Pier’s most famous features.
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The Results

Social Media Beast’s Centennial campaigns achieved extraordinary organic social reach for Navy Pier. In addition, the Chicago Blackhawks social campaign was successful enough to be picked up by local news.

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